Full screen apps not showing in Ubuntu Linux

A window will stretch from the stated size to a larger screen resolution. Shrinking to a lower resolution-- well, I can honestly say it tries…

In fact, it tries too hard, shrinking the window down to single-pixel kind of size. If it wasn’t for the Workspace Manager and task bar, I wouldn’t even know it was there.

I won’t talk about the time spent thinking something was corrupt and reinstalling Ubuntu/Java/msfonts, because that would just have been silly… :laughing:

Isn’t this more appropriate for the Problems forum, as in, something you would like to see fixed? Or are you just happy to know what’s going on… :laughing:


I figured since everything else was showing up here… :mrgreen:

For me it wasn’t really a problem per-se, since it was supposed to be a single-point application.

But until this automatic shrinking enhancement is modified (see? I can be politically correct!) I thought I’d put it here.

Feel free to move it though. I won’t be offended. :laughing: