Full Screen Launch from Client Launcher

I am seeing the same issue as this post: Native client launcher - Missing fullscreen mode… Basically, I have a project that is set to launch in Full Screen mode, but it will only launch in Windowed mode. I have updated the project and made sure it is published. I can launch the project from designer in Full Screen mode, but when I use the Client Launcher it will only launch in Windowed mode. I even tried to update the Client Launcher generated project link on the desktop with “windowmode=fullscreen” but I get the error that there isn’t a launchable project with that configuration on the gateway.

I have v7.9.10 and have tried uninstalling and re-installing both the Client Launcher and even Ignition itself. After both instances, the print out from localhost:8080/main/system/projectlist/ is exactly the same.

I didn’t see any explicit fix to this issue from the previous post, so I figured I’d bring the topic back up.

Have you tried removing the .ignition cache within %userprofile%? This was the solution for the original post.

However, I worked with someone a few weeks ago about the exact issue, which required removing some internal project resources to work properly. If still not working after removing the client cache, then please reach out to support@inductiveautomation.com and reference this post. Thanks.

Kurt, Thanks for the reply.

I tried removing the .ignition cache and it didn’t fix the issue. I will reach out to support.