Full screen mode minimizes when poping up file save or print

This is with a project I have upgraded to 7.1.6 and to 7.1.7
It worked fine when it was 7.1.4.
Now when I click the print button or the save to excel button the screen get minimized.

It worked in 7.1.4 and now it doesn’t? Thats weird considering nothing has changed with regards to that stuff. Are you sure you had it in full-screen mode then?

Did your OS or version of Java change?

Only thing I did was update Ignition. This system is off the net in it’s own little private world so no O/S updates.

Very strange - I’m pretty confident nothing changed re: fullscreen mode. What OS? We’d like to try and reproduce the issue here.

XP and 7

Just ran a test.
Downloaded 7.1.8 from the download section.
Installed on a computer that’s never had Ignition (WinXP with all current patches, java 1.6.0_20).
Created a new project.
Created a new screen and placed an easy chart on it.
Ran the project from the designer in full screen mode.
Clicked the print button.
poof everything minimized.

Alright well that sounds easy to replicate. I tried it in Windows 7 and it didn’t do it for me, but I’ll investigate further.

Tried it with Win7 and the latest 7.2 beta.
Same result. Everything goes poof into a little small icon on the task bar.

It would be really great if you guys could get this fixed for the next release.

Any day now I expect my customer to call and ask me to fly (two time zones away) out and complete the final commissioning.

(The normal story, site is on a isolated lan, no access, have to be there to make changes, etc)

I am getting a similar occurence. When using system.dataset.exportExcel to export a table, the popup comes up, and then when I click save, the client shuts down completely. And, when I open the Excel file, it is empty.

Just an update: I’m currently investigating this issue, and I hope to have it resolved for 7.1.9.

Ok so the resolution for this was not a minor thing, so it went into 7.2.0.

Basically, full screen mode no longer uses whats called “full-screen exclusive” mode when launched on windows. It uses a somewhat lighter weight mechanism to go full-screen. This solves the minimizing probelm. It also lets us have a “screen index” specifier so that you can configure a project to launch on a screen other than the main screen. This should let you more easily configure a multi-monitor setup.

Great news! :prayer:

Is 7.2 still on schedule?


Problem fixed in today’s 7.2 beta

Thank you