Full Screen Size and Disabling Client Scroll Bars

I am managing all window sizing in scripting (all floating windows). I have a 1920 x 1200 screen, but in full screen mode, there is a 2 pixel board around the client, so I can only use 1916 x 1196 without using scroll bars. Can I get rid of the boarder?

When the user drags a popup off the screen to the right or down, it creates scroll bars. Can that be disabled? I don’t want to ever see client scroll bars weather the user or scripts put something partly off screen. The user is blocked from moving windows off screen to up or to the left. I would prefer that for left and down too if possible.


I know this post is very old, but did you ever get to the bottom of why a popup magically creates scroll bars when moved off screen? I am trying to get my application to stay in full screen without scroll bars and am running into similar issues. Cheers

I don’t have thier reply in writing, but I think it was something like, that is the way it is, there is no work around. I plan to look into the mouse move events or things like that to see if I can limit the window from going off screen, but that’s low priority right now.

I added this to the features request, plsease vote for it:
ideas.inductiveautomation.com/fo … -full-scre