Full Web Browser Control

I’d like Ignition to have a control like the HTML Documet Viewer but with the full power of a browser like Firefow or IE (javascript capable), so I could show web pages developed in PHP or ASP.NET within ignition (inside the GUI) and not in a separate window as suggested in the user manual

Thank you
Miguel Torres.


Yeah, that would be neat. Sorry, I don't see this happening anytime soon. There isn't a good, affordable web engine written in Java that I know about, and porting something like WebKit to Ignition would be a pretty serious effort.

Searched the internets briefly this morning … I apologize if you’ve already seen/evaluated these …

The Lobo Project / Cobra
License: LGPL, MPL 1.1/GPL 2.0

JDesktop Integration Components (JDIC)
License: LGPL

The Flying Saucer Project
License: LGPL

… I saw commercial offerings as well … the one linked below seems to have reasonable pricing … they also let you purchase their source code (at who-knows-what-price) …


Yeah, every 6 months or so I say “Theres got to be something!” and I do a similar search.

I looked a lobo a while ago and basically couldn’t get it to work. I just look at it again - it has come a long way but it has a long way to go still. Rendering and layout quality is extremely poor.

flying saucer isn’t right (flying saucer is XHTML only, and the web is decidedly not XHTML)

jdic and jxbrowser look like possibilities though.

Haha, first thing I thought when I read your response ... good luck!