Fullscreen map with overlaying components layout

I’m basically trying to create my own fixed-position component area that overlays my fullscreen map. However I don’t know how to do this without losing control of the map…

This is what I want (the list of checkboxes - just testing atm) below:

However I want it to work at different “large” (i.e. not mobile) resolutions, and I want the list container to remain a fixed size and position, but the map to stretch and resize with the size of the screen.

I’ve created a coord container to house the map which is set to percent mode and within this I’ve also got a full screen coord container set to fixed which houses the list container. The problem is that because the nested coord container is on top of the map, it consumes all mouse clicks rendering control of the map void…


I don’t know how else to do this, as any other way I can think of will either result in the size of the list container changing, in most cases resulting in the labels not fitting, or the map not resizing and having scrollbars :confused:

Any ideas?

Instead of nesting the containers, wouldn’t having them separate allow the functionality you’re looking for?

Just… wait until 8.1.6. There is currently development and testing underway to provide the ability to provide your own map controls anchored to one of the three unused corners. The concept is that you specify which corner and supply a viewPath. You’ll still need to configure all of the message handling (or bound params) yourself, but it would allow for exactly what you’re trying to do.

If you don’t want to wait, try this setup:

Coordinate Container (fixed or percent does not matter)
L_ Map (width and height set to a value of "100%")
L_ Flex Container
    L_ Checkbox

Awesome, that sounds cool.
Also, I forgot about using % units, whoops. That’ll work for now :slight_smile: cheers!

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The reason I was nesting was so that I could have the map set to percent so it resized and the list set to fixed so it would remain the same size and wouldn’t move. Of course I completely forgot about using different sizing units as Cody pointed out