Fully functional web page embedding

Would like to have a control that can display a fully functional ie9 (or whatever we are now) or mozilla webpage from within an ignition page. Hope that was understandable. Ignition does just about everything else – once this is done you guys can sit back and enjoy the view! :prayer:

You mean in a client window? Or do you simply mean hosted under the gateway? The latter is fairly easy, the former… a little tougher.


As you might expect, the tougher version…

To expand a little, I would like to have a fully functional browser window within a client window. We use a web based data visualization tool for many of our reports (Tableau) and I would like to make that accessible from within some of our Ignition projects. Is that at all possible? Thx. David

This has been on the wishlist for a while. Can’t say for sure when it’s going to happen though.

Makes me nostalgic for the good old days, when we would suggest something and the following week Carl would have a component ready for testing… :confused:
Seriously though, whenever you get it done we will use the hell out of it. thx. david

This one is extra tricky. The old ActiveX module/component thingy might actually let you embed IE (if it still works?), but it’s probably more trouble than it’s worth.

Maybe in time for the users conference?..

+1 for an embedded web browser.
Always usefull in all kind of scada application for on line help system or rapid access to another application…

Some Swing Java component exists :


Jexplorer or JxBrower

but they are not free. perhaps it could be integrated in ignition ??

The quote below is from an interesting article of data visualization
Great read, if you have the time – a number of very interesting visualization techniques for complex data sets.

My request to be able to embed a web page in an ignition project was so that we could show viz’s built in Tableau, which is web based. But, if Provotis mentioned above (or being able to import that library into Ignition) made it easier, from Ignition’s point of view, to achieve what I want, I’d settle for that :smiley:

Judging from the date stamps this topic is a bit outdated. There didn’t seem to be a conclusive solution to the original post. I wanted to follow-up and ask the question again; can we embed a website or web browsing directly into a client window? Our customers have their own intranet and would like to access these pages directly via their ignition clients. Thanks.


Still no answer to this problem ?

I developped a web-based agenda and i would like to include it in my ignition app.

At least, can we know if such a functionality is in developpement or something ?


+1 on this and I would really like to know if this is something that is being looked at by Inductive Automation or if I need to find a different solution.

I developed an example module using the the javafx webview. It seems to be a fully functional web browser built into javafx based on webkit. It has a working but no webgl. Maybe someone from from Inductive can take a look at it. Reading the docs says there are ways of doing bidirectional communications with the javascript on the page. That sounds very useful for javascript based interactive graphing/charting libraries. I don’t have the Java skills nor the time to turn this into a real module. Since it is built into Java 7 there should be no licensing hassles involved.