Function to Refresh Providers?

I have a client that is running a weigh station using TOPserver(kepware) to communicate between itself and ignition. This has been running very well for almost 3 months when for some reason the scale reading on the HMI abruptly froze. After observing the tag value in kepware I was able to discern that the scale was reading and communicating properly. Since there was no way to refresh browse via the gateway I tried Refresh Providers in the SQLTags Browser and that seemed to immediately address the problem.

I was curious if there was a function that I could put on a button so that a user could do this via the hmi, instead of me needing to remote into their server if this were to happen again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

So to summarize, the value wasn’t updating on the screen, you went into the designer, and clicked the “refresh” button on the SQLTags browser and then the value started updating on the screen?

Is the tag in a leased scan class? If so, what are the settings (specifically, I’m curious if the slow rate is 0)? Clicking refresh on that panel rebuilds the tree there, but basically does nothing else. In rebuilding the tree, however, it will affect the current subscription set, which could have an impact on tags in leased scan classes.

Also, you didn’t by chance go to the OPC connection or tag provider settings and click “OK”, did you? This would have restarted those particular systems, which probably would have solved the issue.

Also, I assume the tags are in the default internal provider, right? Or are they in an external provider?


You are correct in your summation.

I was curious as to why refreshing the panel would have done anything as it had never done anything in the past, but I had also never dealt with kepware before. It looks like the scan class is direct with a 250 ms slow rate.

I don’t believe I went anywhere to click “OK” as far as the tag provider settings are concerned.

The tags are provided by SWToolbox which was recognized as soon as kepware was taken online.

Let me know if there is any other information you need. I did not write this particular part of the system unfortunately, I have just been given the unpleasant task of troubleshooting it.