Function to Refresh Providers?


I’m in a situation where I’ll need an HMI button capable of refreshing tags for my client. The application is set up with Kepware communicating via radio set at a low scan rate.

Mainly a way to reinitialize the communication with Kepware at any given time, Thanks.

While you can’t re-initialize an opc connection from a script in Ignition, you may be able to achieve the same effect. If you’re SQLTags are in an external database, you could have a button that writes the current timestamp to the config_change column in the sqlt_core table. Again, this won’t work with internal tag providers, just database driving providers (tags are in an external database).

Also, I’m not sure exactly why you would need to re-initialize the comm with kepware, but depending on your exact goal, you might find that some of the system tags provided by kepware can help. I believe there are tags for whether data collection is on or not, which you may be able to toggle to force updated values through.