Gaps Between Data points on Easy Chart - Vision

Is there a way to prevent gaps between the data points on the Easy chart component in Vision? I don’t have the pens set to “line w/gaps” so that is not the issue. This happens when we loose communication to our end devices. I would like for it to just connect, not have the dash in between. Attaching screen shot.

Is there a configuration setting I could set to connect the dashes?

Is the sample mode of the history on the tag set to On Change or Periodic? I know i have experienced this when I have had history set up to analog and took a history value periodically. When using on change, obviously the tag only takes history every time the value changes, thus interpolating in between the two. This would kind of be a work around for the problem however.

Thanks for the suggestion! The only gripe about this would be storing history into my database when I don’t really want to or need to. I was hoping there was some other setting but i’ll keep this in mind. Thanks again.

There’s a setting in the easy chart called something like maximum gap between samples. This will determine the period of time between tag samples stored when the component will consider this a gap. If you extend this out, you can remove gaps you believe are valid

The Ignore Bad Quality setting did the trick, thanks guys!