Gaps in easychart trends

I am using an Easy Chart to show data coming from a MS SQL Server database table. I configured some Database Pens and some of them are not showing correctly. To focus the problem, I developed a test page where only one pen is shown (one of the odd ones!) together with the corresponding table of values: you can see it in the picture below:
As you can see, the values stored in the table cover the whole period from 3:00 PM to 3:53 PM, but the easy chart is showing only some intervals.
What I can see in the data distribution is that data in the gaps intervals are actually not present: is Easy Chart not supposed to interpolate and join all the given intervals? If this is the answer, how large must be an interval in order to force Easy Chart to stop joining line segments?
I’m using Ignition 7.8, the Easy Chart is configured to be in manual mode - same problem if I set the mode to Historical.

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance,

Ok, solved: it was the “Line with gaps” instead of “Line” property value.
Thanks to the italian technical support, Andrea Minucelli!