Garbage Collector Performance G1GC

Is this a normal performance for G1GC?
I was having a couple of issues (slow proccesment, continuous lost of gateway connection, issues and timed outs trying to login in server and designer, etc in my Ignition Server) and I don't know if this could be related.

The sawtooth pattern is normal and expected. It looks like you had other issues at ~14:00 which could be anything, really. I wouldn't immediately jump to GC as the source of any problem based on this graph.

Have you set a target pause duration for GC? I always set it to 100ms or less.

Also, consider reducing the total heap memory you are allowing Ignition to use. Collecting large quantities of garbage in big drops will take substantial CPU time at that point. GC runs smoother, in my experience, if the sawtooth swings from about the 50% mark to 80% or 90% mark. Your minimums are way lower than that.

If you have bursty workloads at certain times of day (scheduled daily or per-shift reports, perhaps), do the sawtooth range evaluation at that point.

Thank you!
For now I just set GC Pause to 100. I feel better performance and better response when I try to open projects and designer (still being not the best).

GC pause settings on the gateway will have basically zero effect on the responsiveness of any GUI layer. The designer and Vision client are each running in their own JVM.

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I have a similar problem, exactly what command did you use to pause the GC?

the command is integrated in ignition.conf?

You don't "pause the GC". Garbage Collection pauses Java. Unavoidably.

The discussion above provides guidance on tuning GC to minimize the pauses.

Some reading for you:

Do note that there is a tradeoff between short GC pauses and higher CPU usage.

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