Gateway admin name and password

With the user source set to DB and mode set to Automatic, I took the gateway backup. When I try to restore the gateway backup on another machine it doesn't allow me to login as admin with the name and password set in the gateway backup. The reason I believe is that the user source being set to DB in the backup, there is no way for the gateway to get the admin name and password from the DB without connecting to DB on the second machine!

Where to specify the admin and password in the gateway other than the DB which will allow login to gateway as admin?

Use the Gateway Command-line Utility - gwcmd - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation with the -p command line argument.


Yeah kind of hard to grab data from a DB if your not connected.

You could possibly have a second user source not reliant on the DB which will remain persistent across backups.

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As @bschroeder notes, use gwcmd. It will create a temporary user source with default password (in older versions) or via re-commissioning. It is the Right Answer™.

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We decided a good strategy was to have the IdP do a soft failover to Ignition’s default provider and have the Administrator in there so that if anything happens the IdP we can still get in to fix it. It works.

See configuration details in the bottom of the post below.


Thanks a lot. You are all awesome people to help. Thats what makes community great. It makes us feel like we are all employees of one company ready to help each other whole heartedly.

However, I have a doubt. If we reset the password to default (admin and password) and take a gateway backup and restore it on another computer, we will definitely be able to login with default admin and password, but will the data base connection also be restored in the new computer automatically so that we can just change the identity provider to the one corresponding to DB user source as stored in the gateway backup? Hope it will not cause connection failure to DB and hope the user source will be established as stored in the backup?

I'm not an expert but my understanding is that the default user source is built-in to Ignition and uses the SQL-Lite database and not your external database. It's always there and should be part of the gateway backup. That's why it works as a soft failover and why it's so handy to have it set up that way.


I am able to restore the backup on new machine with admin and password reset and backup saved from old machine. However, it shows the DB connection as FAULTED on new machine after restoring the backup!

"Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory (Communications link failure The last packet sent successfully to the server was 0 milliseconds ago. The driver has not received any packets from the server.)"

As a result, when I change the Id provider from temp (as stored in backup) to the one which has my user source set to DB and automatic mode, I am unable to login admin or any other user!

Why does the DB FALUTED error come? My Ignition version on both machines is same and the latest one. Is there any issue with my mySql server installation?

Could it be due to mySql version differences? The original machine has mySql version 8 installed on it and the second machine where I am loading the backup to has mySql version and 6.3. something, though Ignition version is the same on both machines.

Could be a number of things.

Can you ping/access the MySql server from the new gateway?
Is there a restriction on login servers for the mysql user on the database?
Firewall issues?
Is the MySql server running?

I think providing "Failover Source" to the "user, roles" will solve the problem.