Gateway and designer - is it possible for multiple credentials

If we have multiple people developing against one gateway server, can we have multiple credentials for logging into the Designer? It is tied to that gateway credentials of course, the only way to change those through the command line that I know of, so just wondering, thanks.

Yes, and you should. Don’t use a shared admin account, whether for the gateway, the designer, or clients. Create a role for “Designers”, set the gateway to require that role to run the designer, and attach that role to the users that need it.

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Aha, now I’m getting somewhere, thanks. So the ‘set the gateway to require that role to run the designer’, if you could, where/how is that done?

So far, any of the users I create, they don’t work for login to the designer, only the login used for the gateway, so I might be missing that piece of connecting the two.


Assuming you’re on a recent 8.1.X version, Config → Security → General.


Got it working the way needed, thanks to both.