Gateway auto-restarts after TCPServerChannel errors

This phenomenon was reported by one user on the forum as far back as 7.6.4, but it is still manifesting in both 7.6.6 (production) and 7.7.1 (development).

Pattern description: Begins with TCPServerChannel errors in the logs, sometimes a day in advance of the restart. The root cause begins as “end of stream reached” and proceeds to “connection reset.” Then a series of messages appears as “uncaught throwable while processing chunk.” These continue until a message appears stating that “JVM appears hung.” At that point the gateway restarts.

I can send more detail but I wanted to get this on the board as an active problem in 7.7.1.

I think for starters we’ll need log files as far back as you have.

It sounds like you’re running out of memory for some reason though.