Gateway Backup / Restore From 7.6.4 to 7.6.6

Does the system handle restoring previous version gateway backups onto a newer version gateway, or must the gateway and backup have the same version for restore? In other words, can we install 7.6.6 on the new server, backup from 7.6.4 on the old server, and restore to 7.6.6 on the new server? Or should we either:

  • Upgrade old server to 7.6.6 first, so backup and restore are same version, or
  • Install 7.6.4 first on new server, and then upgrade new server to 7.6.6

Gave IA support a call and I now understand this should be no issue (restore handles upgrade). Downgrade on the other hand could be a problem. Thank Paul (IA Support)!

This went smoothly as expected. I must say this experience of setting up the Ignition Gateway on a new server to replace failing hardware was pleasantly quick and easy compared to past experiences with some other SCADA packages. It was all up and working very quickly in trial mode (minus the SQL DB not yet moved). I trust license deactivation/activation will be smooth as well when we physically swap the servers.

I think I would, when possible, lean towards keeping the database(s) on a different computer(s) so they wouldn’t have to be transitioned at the same time as the Gateway.

yes ignition installs and restores are great compared to any competitor.

even backing up and restoring the database is a pretty simple process once you do it once or twice.

Thanks to Ignition’s 7 day emergency activation, the license swap went smoothly. However, we weren’t expecting to need this as we deactivated the license on the old computer before activating it on the new one. Is some delay required between deactivation and activation? In this case, they were done probably 30s apart. Both computers are connected to the internet and deactivation gave a success message. I tried deactivating and reactivating the new server an hour or so later with the same result. Is there something different we should be doing–or is it time to give IA Tech Support a call?
[attachment=0]Activation - Emergency.jpg[/attachment]

If the activate button was pressed multiple times during the activation process, then it is possible that multiple activation were logged for the licence, which would cause your Gateway to go into emergency activation.

Give the Support line a call and let us know what CD-Key your Gateway is using. We should be able to resolve this quickly.

What pscott said is spot on. Give tech support a call and we can resolve this for you rather fast. We can also look on our activation server and give you an idea of what happened.

Apparently I clicked the Activate button twice. A quick call fixed that. Thanks!