Gateway backup size didn't change after deleting projects

Hi all,

During development of a new application I’ve been using 4 different projects loaded on the gateway.
One as the main application and the other 3 have just been for testing and reference.

Each time I imported a project the gateway backup got larger (understandably), but now I’m almost complete and I’ve deleted the extra projects so there is only one remaining. I expected the gateway backup to shrink after doing this, but it’s still exactly the same size.

Does the gateway backup keep remnants of the previous projects, even after they’re deleted?
The project is only 2MB, but the backup is about 35MB.

I know this isn’t a huge file, but I’m making remote updates and the customer’s Internet connection is very slow, so the smaller I can get the file, the better.

Any tips would be appreciated!



The extra size is probably the project change records, which will still exist for all your current projects. I forget the exact sequence (it might be on the forums) but I think something like exporting the completed projects, deleting all projects, then re-importing them should clear out those records.

Following the sequence you described did the trick.
My backup went from 35MB to 14MB.


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