Gateway backup system tags

Hi @Kevin.Herron,

On version 8.0.17 of ignition, we noticed that the ‘System’ tags were no longer refreshed. Indeed on version 7.9, it was possible to diagnose the state of the passive server (database connection, opc connection, devices connection …) before switching to it.

Any suggestions ore workaround?


Funny, I was just looking at this last week.

I don’t have a workaround to suggest because it seems not processing value changes on the backup was a conscious decision when the tag system was redesigned for 8.0.

But… I did make a small change that allows value changes to be processed for tags from managed tag providers, which includes System tags, and we’re going to be evaluating whether we can actually release this change or if the original design and documentation in the code is there for good reason.

Thanks @Kevin.Herron,
It would be really appreciated if we could do at least the same as the statuses available via the web page of the gateway backup.

I am coming to the news regarding this subject @Kevin.Herron … Can your modification on the value changes of the System provider be possible as it worked in 7.9?

Otherwise, would it be possible via the “” function to authenticate to the gateway backup (I’m stuck on this point) and to make a GET request "http://XXX.XXX. XXX.XXX:8088/data/status/opc/ ",
http://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:8088/data/status/databases” …?

Another attempt at supporting this will be going into QA soon. Can’t promise it will work out and anything involving redundancy takes longer to test so I’m not sure when it will be available if it does.

Thank you for the clarification