Gateway backup with projects in custom directory

I am currently using a custom directory for my projects using the option : in the ignition.conf file.
I foud out that performing a backup of my gateway doesn’t backup my projects since it does a basic zip file of the Ignition data folder and my projects are outside this directory.
This is a huge problem, the backup is not complete at all without any warning message (not even in the documentation).

Not a solution, but I’m just curious, what’s the advantage here of moving the projects out of the data folder?

It is a requirement from our client, projects and install foders can not be on the same disk, not sure exactly why but I guess it is a mater disks’ backups policy.

Any reason why you wouldn’t move the whole data folder then instead?

That would also then cover things like Tags, and also cause the backup to catch everything.

That would be done with:

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It does seem like an unquestionable bug that we don’t back up the alternate projects dir if it’s provided, though.

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I have to admit I didn’t try to change the place of the whole data folder (no real reason behind this) but there is a thing I don’t understand : the Ignition.conf file is in the data folder so if I move the whole data directory, therefore the Ignition.conf file will be moved too (with the path to the new data directory inside) so how can it work?

What an interesting point… I don’t have a gateway easily at hand to test it, but I would assume it would recreate its whole data dir file structure In the other location? But then it would have an old duplicate folder

I guess -if if works like this- that you will have to copy the data dir structure by yourself so it seems a bit confusing, you will then have two data directories (and two Ignition.conf files…).
And what about the backup in this case, does it work? Because if it zip your new data directory, the Ignition.conf inside it may not be the good one since the one taken into account by Ignition is in the old data directory.
Can someone clarify this point please.