Gateway cannot prune old gateway backups and is flooding logs

Using Ignition 8.0.14.

I have a gateway backup set up. Originally I put it to once a minute and forgot to change it so it was doing more backups more frequently than intended, which I’ve switched to be once an hour.

However, my logs, every second are still failing to delete the old gateway backups and it’s all I see in my logs now because of the frequency -

And it is still trying to make new gateway backups but failing now (which it was not failing at before) -

I assume they are related and once the gateway can start deleting old copies that it will also successfully be able to make the new ones. However, I do not know what is going wrong here. I have the R:\ mapped drive defined in the .conf file. Ignition also is able to make PDF using the Report Module and put them right onto the R Drive without an issue so I am not sure what else I can change or what permissions I need to change. Any insights?

Edit: I am now getting this error over and over again - probably hit my retention limit

On first blush I’d say the drive mapping is inop, which is why an absolute path is preferred over a mapped drive.

Prior to this I had the absolute path (I think) - I used the IP address of the NAS followed by the folder paths ie \192.168.1.XXX\blah\blah…\Backups. Then I used the R:\ mapped drive and it started to work.

Now I believe I have hit my retention limit and it is causing errors with deleting old copies and now making new ones.

Oddly enough it just worked fine again since I switched it to 1 hour instead of 1 minute. Perhaps it was just an issue of it trying to run again before the first backup finished. I don’t know.