"Gateway Comm Mode is not Read/Write" error in clients?

I have been noticing this problem on a big project of ours. Occasionally users of our client are reporting that sometimes when they click a button/field that executes a write to the PLC, they get an error that says “Gateway Comm Mode is not Read/Write”. Typically this is fixed by them just relaunching their client. Any idea what might cause this? I don’t really like telling the users to simply just “reboot the client”.


This is the same thing that happens in the Designer when you use the button up top to toggle between read-only and read-write, except in the client there’s no button, so you might have a script somewhere that is setting the mode (system.util.setConnectionMode).


Wow. Thanks for the heads up. I searched through our project and found at least one instance of that command in a random popup. I got it fixed now! Thanks again.

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