Gateway configuration with multiple network interfaces NICs

How do I configure OPC UA to use a specific NIC card when connecting to PLCs?

My system has 3 NICs and Ignition appears to be only attempting to connect using the default NIC.

I’m using Ignition 7.8.3 and Ubuntu 16.04.

You don’t need to specify a NIC when making an outbound connection, like to a PLC. If you can ping it, you will be able to connect, assuming nothing else is wrong.

Hmm. I can ping it. So maybe something else is wrong.

Currently, I have two modbus TCP devices connected to this server. One is connected via the default NIC 1 (address, and the other is connected via NIC 3. I can ping both devices. But the gateway does not connect to the device on NIC 3 ( address

The error is something like No route detected. (sorry, not in front of the system at this moment)

Eventually all devices will connect via NIC 3.

I got feedback from support instructing me to change the endpoint address of the OPC UA server. I thought that the endpoint address was only for discovery by OPC clients. Am I right, or does the endpoint also control connection to OPC devices?

Support did not understand what you were asking. You’re correct - the endpoint setting controls which IP the server tries to bind to, which would effect incoming UA client connections.

my current thinking is that the OPC UA server is not aware of NIC 3. Perhaps there is some configuration required at the linux level. Host table? I’m not sure.

Error message attached.