Gateway Connection Lost happening with remote client sessions

We have an in-house Ignition application on a local physical server. People who work in the office with the server on the local wi-fi have no issues.

We also have a domain that points to the server so we can use the application remotely, we have a satellite office and a few employees who are constantly roaming who need this. Since our upgrade to 8.0 a few weeks ago, they have been having a lot more Gateway Connection Lost errors, and timeouts to just download the application.

What troubleshooting steps can I take to figure out what is causing this? Any ideas as to what could be causing this? When I made the switch from 7.9 to 8.0, I imported a project to 8.0, so any old connection settings I had may be lost though I do have a copy of the gateway, so I can see what things used to be, if that’s helpful.