Gateway Connection Lost on Local Host

I’m using Ignition Edge 8.0.15 running on Linux x64 using Java 11.0.6+10-LTS, it has over 100 GB of disc space unused and 4 GB of Ram.

I have a client remotely connecting to the edge client (remotely meaning different computer, local network)
I have a client running directly on the computer running edge.

The past several days the client running directly on the edge system will pop up an error message every couple of hours saying

Gateway Connection Lost.
Searching for active Gateway.
Gateway is not available: http://localhost:8088
unable to connect to Gateway http://localhost:8080: Connection refused (Connection refused)

The remote client does not have this issue and I can’t find anything in the logs to indicated why the client lost connection. It’s a remote system from me.

Any ideas as to what could be causing this?

Is this Perspective or Vision?


I guess step one would be to know if there is anything suspect in the logs, either for the client or the gateway. You might also check system logs too—with only 4GB of RAM there might be some resource contention for the OS, Ignition Gateway, GUI, and Vision Client…