Gateway connection lost. Searching for active gateway. Gateway is not available. Unable to connect to gateway

I’m new to ignition and there is a problem of Gateway Connection Lost as shown in the attached image. I could not get a clear direction of troubleshooting steps from manuals, community or technical support.

Hi [mohssinnn] check your network connection and restart your gate way if necessary

Hi @thiruthnimonika.

I have the same issue. Many times in the day my gateway connection is lost and I usually need to go and restart the gateway using the ignition control utility. Still, I could not be restarting my gateway all day.

I have the team complaining about the system. I verified all the configurations and everything looks ok.

Any idea what could be causing those gateway connections to be lost?
Thank you

The OP's case was "no route to host", which is purely a local network problem. Not anything Ignition can handle.

What messages are you getting? If something else, you might want to start a new post with your details.

{ You should not be restarting your gateway all the time. It should run for weeks or months at a time. }

Hi @Reyes ,

If this is happening very frequently it could definetly be the problem withth network, so i would sugegst you to tract the network connectivity so you will find a way for what the gate is getting restarted.

thank you and let us know in case you resolve it.