"gateway connection lost" Secondary desktop window not freezing

In Vision (8.1.10), we have a data entry form that utilizes live updates. When there is a disconnect from the gateway, we actually want the “Gateway connection lost” message box to come up and freeze the screen. This prevents the ability to change data on the form and have race conditions or data that doesn’t update to the database right away and refresh other clients screens if on the same form.

The issue is that our form is scripted to come up in a secondary desktop window so that it can be put on a extended monitor, but this secondary desktop window doesn’t freeze and still allows the user to select drop down boxes and some other functions. The data doesn’t change (since it’s disconnected from the gateway), so we have a different entry with the original data of the previous entry. When the gateway does connect again, sometimes the data will write itself of what’s showing to the header entry causing a lot of skewed data. Any suggestions on what can be done?

Looks like I found a simple solution. On the particular components that I don’t want to be able to be utilized during a lost gateway connection, I bind the enabled property to a custom property on the Root Container that uses the isGood expression to check certain system gateway tags (Redundancy\Connection\IsActive or ones in the Database folder, etc…).