Gateway connection lost

Here’s the scenario. I am using a tablet running windows 7 and connecting to my control network via wifi. Log in to Ignition and start running a project, at random times I get a gateway connection loss and have to either log out and start over or it quickly reconnects sometimes.

Question is:
Is there anything that can cause a gateway connection loss other than a bad wifi connection to my network?

Sometimes when I log data from Ignition to MySQL, it goes very quickly and sometimes is takes a few seconds. To me, it seems like something with the wifi connection.

Any thoughts?

Usually it comes down to a bad wifi or network connection. In that case you only the see the problem on certain machines. One way to find out for sure is to open a client on the server machine. If you see the client disconnect like that than it could be an issue with Ignition. In that case let us know so we can look at the diagnostics.