Gateway Console

Does anyone know how to access the raw settings viewer?

It’s not in the menus any more (as you’re discovered), but you can get to it by going to /main/web/status/sys.internaldb

There’s a bonus easter egg keystroke combo for it. I’ll let you drive yourself crazy trying to discover it. 8)


We were looking for the console in order to read the log. If someone is in the same trouble than us, in new versions the log is in the status page under diagnostics menu.


Sorry to bother. What is the keystroke combo? :cold_sweat:

And how to delete one table in the internal database? :pensive:

We do not recommend making any manual changes in the internal database, including deleting tables.

If we want to change the column name of a table, or delete one column. How can we do that without deleting the previous table?

I tried to change the column name in the code. But after I installed the module, there is a “NullPointer” exception.

The way I solve this problem is:
Step 1.Delete the current table.
Step 2.Change the column name in the code.
Step 3. Compile the module and install it again.