Gateway Control Utility Status not updating

I have a client who’s Ignition Gateway Control Utility seems to be hung up. The system’s running on Windows 7, and I’m not sure of the Ignition version as the Gateway Control Utility wasn’t updating that - unfortunately I didn’t think to look in the help section while I was on site to see what version they are running.

The software seems to run fine. It’s communicating via OPC UA to a Siemens PLC, and I was developing and running everything just fine yesterday without a hitch except for the lack of status on the Ignition Gateway Control Utility.

Here is what I’m getting on that screen:
STATUS = Retrieving…
STATUS = Retrieving…
VERSION = Unknown
PORT = Unknown
SSL PORT = Unknown

Also, when I click ‘Go to webpage’ nothing is happening. I can still launch Ignition, I just can’t do it from the Ignition Gateway Control Utility.

This is the only quirk I’ve seen, and other than that I love this software.

Thanks in advance for your help.

You need to run the gcu with elevated permissions. Run it as a administrator.

Just as Kyle said, right click the GCU icon and select run as administrator.

Thank you, Kyle and Greg!