Gateway Control Utility Version and Ports Unknown

I tried to change our ports from to 80 and 443 in the gateway control utility. It asked if I wanted to restart the gateway. I selected yes and it appeared to be restarting. After several minutes the loading indicator in the top right just went away so I tried restarting the gateway a couple times to no avail. We are running on Windows Server 2012 R2.

When I run a command prompt and gwcmd -i I get

When I run a cmd as admin and gwcmd -i it says “No response from gateway”

Now when I open the gateway control utility it has the status as stopped, version unknown, and port/ssl port unknown.

I just tried again and the gateway successfully started. I think it may have had something to do with IIS already using ports 80 and 443 but if this is the case I would hope the GCU to give better feedback.

Glad to hear the service started again.

Unfortunately the GCU doesn’t currently report errors on startup, but the wrapper.log file located in Ignition’s installation directory should note any reasons the service failed to start: in this case, I would imagine you’ll find an error about being unable to bind to the specified ports on startup.

In the interest of posterity, the wrapper.log file is located at %intallDir%/logs/wrapper.log

Thank you Paul. Good to know. Hope you’re doing well!