Gateway Date & Time

In my project, I am using the now() function to pull the time from Ignition. I read in the manual that the value returned is actually the from the Clients clock. To prevent having to ensure that all client computers are synchronzed, I would like to be able to pull the time from the gateway and display it, and utilize it in some functions.

Is there any function to pull the Gateway time? Any work arounds if not?



SQL Query is one way of doing it.

I’m not sure if my issue is directly related or not.
But we are using an SQL expression tag “now(10)”, to return the current time.
The “value” in the SQLTags Browser is correct. However, the time displayed in the Data,Text that references the tag in the ignition window is 5 hours ahead.

If I open the"Tag Diagnostics"
the “value” shows the correct time
the “value Timestamp” shows the correct time
the “Last Execution” indicates correct date but 5 hours ahead

This happen one time before since we up graded to the newer Ignition version 7.6.2.
It seamed to self correct with a server reboot. This time we rebooted the server and the time did not self correct.

Any ideas? Or are there any known issues with the latest Ignition version?


These are not known issues with Ignition.

What version of Java are you using? I have seen in two previous cases, similar to yours, where an upgrade of Java fixed the issue. If you have not installed Ignition 7.6.3 already I would suggest upgrading to that and upgrading Java to 7 update 25.

Wanted to provide a quick update. There is now a system tag for this (7.7):