Gateway Disconnects the Reconnects over and over

I am running the Gateway and mySQL on a VM. Resources are not an issue on the laptop as the laptop has 8G of RAM and is an i7 processor. What happens is you (and it is bad timing) start the DEMO (I’ve created a DEMO project of the customers existing system) and theGateway gets disconnected an then it reconnects a few seconds later. This happens over and over again. I’m running version 7.1.7 beta 3 build B5874.

Any ideas.

Thanks in advance.

Ric Buehler

Do you have an intermittent wireless connection? Any other unusual network settings in the VM or host?

A few things to check/email into

  1. Wrapper.log in the install directory
  2. Console for the designer. You should be able to get to it from the Help menu, but it may also help to turn on console launching in java - Go to Control Panel>Java>Advanced, and select “Show Console” under the Console entry. When you launch the designer, the console will open as well. If there are any interesting looking messages/errors, copy them into a text file and email them to us.

It’s possible you might see something that helps, but it might also make no sense at all. If there seem to be messages related to the disconnections, send them in and we’ll take a look (or post as attachments here).