Gateway - Duplicate - Database

I’m on 8.1.5

I have many duplicate in my system tags, how can it happens and how can i remove it ?

The system tags in general can all be deleted and they will be revived on gateway restart. They’d have to be deleted from the internal database. If you aren’t comfortable with doing that I’d suggest contacting support. They’ve dealt with this issue before quite a few times.

On a version as late as 8.1.5, don’t you think it’s unusual to have this issue to start with?

That is true, this shouldn’t be occurring any longer since 8.1.2. However, if the gateway was upgraded from a version prior to that then it doesn’t get cleaned up from the upgrade. I assumed that this was an old gateway considering how many duplicates there were. However, if this was always on 8.1.5 then yeah we got a new problem causing this to happen again.