Gateway environment local time PDT instead of UTC-1

Hi to All,

Whatever I do in my project, time is in the PDT zone, no matter if I set that project to use client time or gateway time… And on the gateway web page, status, under Environment Local Time is local time in the PDT zone, but on my system is not, it’s UTC-1. What I am missing?


OK, I found out solution (or where is the problem).

From some old old post from [Carl.Gould] Gateway Timezone - #4 by Carl.Gould in “ignition.conf” file time zone can be set (as predefine). After commenting the line with the time zone in the ignition.config my gateway finally reading host OS time.


I never change this file before, never add this default time so looks like ignition comes like that. It is a pity that it is not mentioned anywhere in the manual.


This line setting the timezone in ignition.conf is not part of the standard install - you or someone else must have added it at some point. Did you restore a backup into your Ignition gateway at some point maybe?

4096mb is not the default max memory either, so somebody has been into this file at least once and made changes.

Yes, at the start I was using Ignition Demo app. 4096mb I changed but from web page.