Gateway Error 312: SQLTags provider faulted Problem


We are facing very serious issue with Gateway Error 312: SQLTags provider faulted. The OPC Tags show Not Connected status (Red Color Tags) due to connectivity loss for every 2-3 sec.

What would be the root cause ? Is this related to its corresponding data-source faulted problem ?

Please give us your suggestions to resolve this issue.

Yes, it does correspond with your datasource faulted problem. SQLTags are stored in the database. Check how many connections you have open to your database. You can check this in the FactoryPMI Gateway configuration section under Datasources by editing your connection. There check the Max Active and Max Idle settings. If the number is low like 8 try increasing it to 20 or 30 to see if that helps the issue. You can also run diagnostics to your database to see how hard it is being hit. Let us know what you find.