Gateway Error 500

I am in the process of moving from FPMI/FSQL to another server with Ignition. The server is:
Windows Server 2008
MSSQL Server 2008 R2
Ignition 7.1.4

I can access a table with the dbo schema but not with the legacy factoryPMI schema that was created using FSQL.
In my connections I am using integrated security. I can access all tables using the SQL management studio.

If I use the ALTER SCHEMA statement to change the table to the dbo schema it will work.

Any ideas?

I do not know if this was the preferred way of dealing with this but…

In the connection settings under advanced properties I checked the “Include Schema in Table Name” check box. Now it is working.


It was working in the designer because it added the schema name in the query as it was created. The imported project does not work becasue the queries are already created and saved. I have a fairly large project that at this time would be prohibitive to change all the queries.

Is this a permissions issue?

I hope I am explaining this right.
I was upgrading from SQL2000 to SQL2008. In 2005 MS changed things such that users no longer own an object, it is handled by the schema name. When the tables were originally created the schema name and user name were the same. After the import the schema name was divorced from user rights. I ended up running this statement for each table.ALTER SCHEMA dbo TRANSFER old_schema_name.tableName This moved the tables to the default ‘dbo’ schema. Now my imported projects are working.

I tested a transaction group that created a new table from ignition and the schema it used was ‘dbo’.

Glad you got it sorted out.