Gateway Error - Memory Problem

I just started a Amazon AWS free 30 trial and thought I’d try Ignition Maker on it. I used the AWS Lightsail with LAMP since I figured I could save the MySQL install step.

Starting the Gateway gave an unusual error:

java.lang.Exception: Java process exec failed with error code 1: Job for Ignition-Gateway.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See “systemctl status Ignition-Gateway.service” and “journalctl -xe” for details.

However if I stopped the mysql service, the Gateway start would be fine. If I started mysql after that the Gateway would do a hard crash. Seems gone from memory. If I stopped mysql, I could restart the Gateway OK. This is on the “free for 30 days” 512 MB Lightsail LAMP instance.

I do have the Ignition maker running now. I created (copied) a new instance of the LAMP server. I run mysql on one and the Gateway on the other. Anyone else ever try to install on a memory constrained system like this?

If you run this, what’s the output? If you’re using default values, then I believe the gateway’s asking for more than 512mB of memory. You could try changing the max memory config in /data/ignition.conf.

However, even if you get it running, you’re going to have a hard time doing much of anything on a system with 512mB of memory; both Ignition and MySQL tend to be memory-hungry processes. If you’re just looking to use basic historian/etc features, newer 8.0 versions have an “Internal” historian type available that uses a SQLite database on disk next to Ignition - much lighter weight than a full MySQL instance.

Memory: 321.7M for the running Gateway. Guessing it needs more for starting up.

Thanks for the SQLLite note. I’ve usually done production data logging in Oracle and wanted to try MySQL

free command says:
total used free shared buff/cache available
Mem: 498336 272064 12476 5960 213796 177020
Swap: 649996 232016 417980

with mysql running so not enough space for the Gateway

It is all running fine and pulling in JSON data from a weather server. 1 page, 2 transaction groups and uses only 1.3 % CPU.