Gateway Errors 500 & 304

Haven't had much time lately to devote to our SERVER, but considering it crashed over the weekend, I've had to MAKE time. So, looking through the log, I found this:

There are MORE than just this one Error. For example, there are 37 of these with the SAME timestamp.

And the other prevalent Error is this one:

And there are multiples of this one as well. First, can you TRANSLATE for me what this is telling me? And SECOND, if I am UNABLE to figure it out, can you tell me what is causing this and perhaps a FIX?

Thanks as Always

The first error (Timeout waiting for idle object) means that your database connection pool is full - and you could not get another connection within the allotted timeout. Both the size of the connection and the length of the timeout are properties of the datasource configured in the Gateway. Typically this error occurs when you are running too many queries, or queries that run too slowly, or a combination of the two.

The second error ( Software caused connection abort: socket write error) indicates some sort of networking error. Do you have SSL turned on by any chance?

Now, you say the server “crashed”. What do you mean exactly?

Our server just TURNED off lol… no indication about why in windows event viewer… and these errors are not really ASSOCIATED with it… they happened about an hour after I restarted the server. I BELIEVE that the server “CRASHED” if you will, because it got too hot, i.e. CPU or PowerSupply… not sure, but pretty sure it was a hardware issue. Getting the company to pony up the cash to buy us a REAL server is like pulling teeth, and David and I are TRYING to wrap our heads around ubuntu and use another machine for a server. But we are finding it DIFFICULT to learn the ins and outs of linux and setting up MySQL and other things lol…

Gotcha - well these errors have to do with 1) slow, overloaded, or inability to complete SQL queries to the DB in a timely manner and 2) network cutoffs. You may have a fried network card, but that is purely a guess.

Any idea about THIS error:

[quote]Message: XML document structures must start and end within the same entity.
Time: Sat Apr 24 5:10:42AM
Severity: ERROR
Logger: factorypmi.application.gateway.QueryManager

WHY do YOU type LIKE this?. IT is REALLY annoying …

To translate Kyle’s sarcasm :wink: , the use of caps indicates yelling. The placement of caps where you are using for emphasis, in the net world, looks like a person with tourette’s.

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Chris, judging by the error, it looks like an XML document got truncated somewhere. After that, it gets a little fuzzy for me, not being intimate with FPMI inner workings… :unamused:

XML structures are explained pretty well here.

Is this a constant error, an intermittent one, or it happened just once and we’re just trying to figure out why?

Yes, Sorry, caught me in a bad mood the other day. Just didn’t understand what the reasoning was.

Oops - I didn’t even see that there was another question in there.

This message:

XML document structures must start and end within the same entity.

means that the Gateway encountered a problem composing a response message to the Client/Designer. So the Client/Designer gets a half-formed message and can’t figure out what is going on.

There should be a corresponding entry in the Gateway’s logs from the same time that this happened that has the true cause of the problem.

Sorry about the caps guys; I’ve emphasized words like that for the last 13 yrs. And thank you for all of your responses.