Gateway errors after changing Historian database (Postgres)


I’m working through the Inductive University and have set up a test system using Ubuntu 18.04, PostgreSQL 10.10 and Ignition 8.0.4.

I originally had my database named “History” that was working just fine. I decided that I didn’t like the name so I deleted that DB and made a new one called “IgnitionGeneral”.

Since then, I’ve been getting a flood of errors in the Gateway logs referencing the name of the old database:

I’ve tried a bunch of things including including deleting the folder:


I’ve also tried deleting all projects, database and device connections (Simulator) but the errors persist. After each change I’ve been restarting the gateway or computer.

It must be quite common to need to change the database connection when moving between development/production and would appreciate some help resolving this issue.

Daniel Humphrey