Gateway Errors When Trying to Take Backup

We are trying to upgrade a client’s system from 7.9 to 8.0 vision, in order to do this we need to get a gateway backup from the live production server. Unfortunately, whenever trying to access the gateway in the browser to do so, we are met with this error:

When I instead try to do it through the GCU, I’m met with a “No response received from Gateway. Verify that the Gateway is running.” When running start-ignition, it returns that the gateway is already running, and the client’s production seems to be going fine.

Normally I would stop and restart the gateway, but as it is a live production server, I can’t really do that. Is there a way around this to get a backup, or a way to resolve this issue?

Check the wrapper.log files for the gateway (Program Files/Inductive Automation/Ignition/logs/wrapper.log) - every time you go to the gateway webpage, a new exception should be logged. Paste that exception here, inside triple backticks (```), and someone might know what’s wrong. Or, get in contact with support.