Gateway Errors

I get this recurring error several times per day:
“Connection to Gateway lost, due to exception”
“Gateway Error 600: Address already in use: connect”

Can you tell me what I should be looking at to figure out where these are coming from?


Occasionally we see problems pop up where windows runs out of ephemeral port- and I believe this is one way it manifests itself. You can verify that this is the case by running “netstat -a” on the command line when this is happening. If you see many many ports waiting to be closed, this is the problem.

The difficulty is that we’ve never tracked down exactly what leads to this. It seems very random. Once a customer was running into this, but they switch to a different client machine were fine. Another time, a customer replaced an ethernet cable they thought was faulty and fixed it. All in all, not much to go on.

In your case, though, it seems to recover? Do the events seem to correspond to any other events on the machine, in the gateway, etc?


Ran netstat -a, and there were no ports waiting to be closed. Tried netstat -n, and saw five or so.

It does recover, but the gateway is down for anywhere between 30 s and two minutes. Note that I am seeing these errors on the machine that the gateway is running on, and I have three client apps running on it as well. The database is on a seperate machine.

I don’t see a correlation with any other events.

I saw that exact error message recently with one of our installations. The machine that was running the client had exhausted its windows ports (1024-5000). The connections were actually all established; they weren’t waiting to be closed. netstat -n revealed ports through 5000 mostly in use. After shutting down the misbehaving program that was causing the connections, there were no more connection problems.

In ignition 8.0.10 version on client side some time because of network fluctuation or internet connection issue system generated error message shows on the user’s screen, it’s ok, but when we get a network or internet connection that time that message box should be removed automatically instead of press OK button on that error message box. Can you please help us how we can show our custom error message box and it should be remove automatically when user got network connection.

We can also use system.util.setReadTimeout(20000) function but how can we identify system called that function so in client window show our custom messagebox.