Gateway Event Auditing

So I know we have an audit journal that captures everything that happens within a project, but is there a way to capture what happens on a gateway level?

Say for example someone tinkers about with alarm settings and breaks them often and you want a smoking gun to remove their login?

Unfortunately, the audit system does not record events in the gateway config page.

On a side note, you could revoke access to one user at a time to those that can get on the config page, and see when the changes stop? Although that could be a long and tedious witch hunt. Sorry I can’t offer more. :frowning:

Audit for gateway is important for admin to trace all the work done on the gateway. Is gateway event auditing available in the latest version?


I will bump this thread. Will add it to the ideas site if its still up.

Gateway event auditing is live in 7.9.13 and going to land in 8.0 soon, likely 8.0.9.

Awesome! Thanks guys.