Gateway event code seems to be executing twice

I have some Gateway events, based on tag changes that run some script code. They are calling some functions from a library that is in a project that is inherited, in case that may factor in.

I am having a problem where I have some functions that seem to be running 'twice' when I get the tag change event. I have troubleshot and am not getting the OPC/plc signal twice, or multiple times.

As you can see on the first screen shot, most of them are disabled. I have enabled the ones I need for testing here in production. Even when disabled, the code in the tag change event highlighted here is still running. When enabling it, then I get the results twice.

I have several projects in this gateway, that are mostly vision/HMI projects, and these gateway tag event scripts exist on one of them. I have scoured all the rest of the projects, as well as for client tag events to see if I have errantly put these elsewhere in testing, and I can find nothing.

Is there some other troubleshooting I can do to find where this script code might be running from, when I have the tag event scripts disabled? Thanks.

If you want to rule out inheritance and check whether the script is firing twice...

system.util.getLogger("Gateway Script Debug").infof("Project: %s, firing event", system.project.getProjectName())

Just drop that line (or something like it) at the beginning of your script.

OK. Thanks. I did that and only got one line, or one firing.

one firing of the inherited function script, but still 'dual results'

Duh... I stumbled on it.. I have a gateway running on my dev laptop here that was hooked to our same controls network for troubleshooting, etc. It happened to be a restore of the production backup we are using here on site. Thus both gateways were running and active. I stopped the service on my laptop , disabled the service and bingo. Never thought of it until stumbling on...

I hope you uninstalled from your dev laptop.... That is problem likely to recur if you don't.

I will. I stopped and disabled the Ignition service to start to test that was it, but I'll uninstall.