Gateway Event message handler missing payload data

I’m using system.util.sendMessage to send a message across the gateway network from one gateway to another. The message is successfully recieved in a Gateway Event message handler. However, the payload in the message handler only includes the key sendServerId where the value is the name of the server that sent the message. I’d expect the payload in the message handler to include the keys and values of the payload specified when calling system.util.sendMessage.

Both gateways are running version 8.1.1.

Is the payload parameter of system.util.sendMessage not supported when sending a message from one gateway to another?

Have you tried putting simple numbers and strings in the payload to see if they come through? (Payload items have to be serializable–not everything in Ignition meets that requirement.)

Thanks for the quick reply. It turns out I had a typo when using payload as a keyword argument to system.util.sendMessage. Everything is working correctly after fixing the misspelling.


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