Gateway Event Script Not Executing

I am not sure why this is not executing properly.

I am looking to set a tag value when minute == 00.
Eventually I will be setting it at 12:01 am to reset some PLC tag values.

I have been trying to use the Gateway event script with a "Setting "of: 00 Minutes.

The Script is:

def onScheduledEvent():
	meterresets = ["[default]Timetags/ResetMeters"]
	values = [0]
	print 'completed'

Is there something missing ??

Is the scheduled script enabled and what is your configuration for when it is supposed to run?

“Not executing properly” is very ambiguous; does the code not execute, or is there an error logged? We need to know what the incorrect behavior is before we can really provide insight into how to fix it.

I believe I found the issue.
The incorrect project was referenced in the Gateway Settings under the “Gateway Scripting Project” field.

Once that way corrected, the script started working properly.

Thanks for your responses.

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