Gateway event timer script

Hi All,

i have an issue that is, i am updating an internal tag and other external tags with the current date and time for every 5 sec, this is sooper cool and i am able to write script that for every 5 sec using gateway event script timer, here comes the issue that is for example my client modifies the system time manually this scripts blocks for the amount of time that my tag date and time is equal to the system time and then the timer starts, i need to over come this issue even if the system time is modified manually. please let me know if anyone here has an idea.

Thanks in advance.

If you’re on 8.1.6+ a scheduled script may behave better: Gateway Event Scripts - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation

That said, your client really shouldn’t be messing around with the system clock. Outside small adjustments to keep the time correct by something like an NTP daemon this is not going to result in predictable behavior.

Hi Kevin,i am using 8.0.9 version, and it doesn’t have this option so i can say its default that until the current date and time reaches to the tags date and time it cannot run the timer script in its way right?

If that’s the behavior you’re seeing then sure.

If your license allows you may be able to upgrade from 8.0.9.

But I still maintain that there is no valid reason to manually set the system time after you initially commission a system and set the timezone.

Ofcourse, even that makes meaning less, thank you and i will try to hit this reason and explanation so that they can have a better understanding that they cannot change system time atleast after set when commissioning is done.

Thank you for the quick response.

Hi Kevin I have referred this to my client but then they need to change the time manually (they were expressing a doubt what if the daylight saving time changes). please help me.