Gateway Events and project inheritance issues

  1. There is no way to delete the Gateway Events module after overriding it in an inherited project;
  2. The project startup event script did not run for the root project of the project inheritance which was assigned as the project for tag change scripts.

We have a multi-layer project inheritance structure with the root project also being assigned for tag change scripts. We added a simple startup script to the root project with some helpful initialization code and found two issues: 1) Any nodes that had previously overridden the Gateway Events module (blank) did not run the new code. Sensible result, except there’s no delete menu available, so there’s no way to revert back to inheriting the parent project’s version; 2) The actual root project (not ‘runnable’ as a client) does not run the project startup script, even though the project has been run by the gateway for tag scripts – as evidenced by logging system.util.getProjectName() from a tag change script.

Ignition 8.0.3 (b2019080717)

There is, but it’s not friendly - yet. We are working on UI to allow for easy reversion back to an inherited state, as well as clearly defining which areas are being overridden.

You can manually delete the C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\data\projects\projectName\ignition\event-script\data.bin (Windows) file. After a short amount of time the Designer should receive information that the resource has been removed and the next time you update the project (File > Update Project, or try to Save), the Gateway Events should be back to its original inherited state.

100% expected. The project is not runnable, so will not ever go through the startup process.

I’m not sure what tag setup you’re performing, but it seems like that might best be handled by the Child projects as part of their startup.

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Just a minor point of clarification, you’ll want to delete the whole event-script folder at \data\projects\projectName\ignition\event-script. If just the data.bin file is deleted, it will get replaced by an invalid data.bin file after a few seconds that may cause other issues and still prevent inheriting the parent event scripts.

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