Gateway faulted cant access gateway control utility

I have a vaulted gateway I have tried following other threads on here but can’t even launch the gateway control utility does anyone have any suggestions?


looks like it was taken out of version 8 can anyone help me get my gateway not faulted?

The Gateway Control Utility was removed, but you can still use the gateway command-line utility:

As for helping your gateway, you should probably start with our support department.
If that’s not an option for some reason, logs would be the most helpful thing. Go to the logs directory wherever your gateway is installed and look for a wrapper.log file.

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Luckily I had a backup where I didn’t lose too much I just went back to it.

@PGriffith out of curiosity is there a way to just pull the tags and udt from the gateway through this command line?

No, not really; they’re “locked up” inside the internal database. Technically you could perform direct sqlite operations to copy data from one backup to another, but it’s a risky process.

Thanks. Turns out whatever is in my file, the gateway just doesn’t like. doesn’t matter if I restore from a backup if I import my project file it faults the gateway on restart. Submitted a support ticket. Thanks for all your input.