Gateway fonts don't send to perspective client

I use some fonts which is install on gateway computer in perspective.
The broswer on gateway computer show them well but in remote computer or mobile devices they change to Arial.
It seems perspective doesn’t embed the used fonts.
How I can force perspective to embed used fonts?
Is this behavior is planned to fix in future?

How are fonts being installed on the gateway?

I use windows 10 and I install fonts by right clicking and install them. The fonts copy to c:\windows\fonts directory.
In style/ font family I set to the desire font name.
The font display currently on gateway pc but not remote Client.

I just had a long conversation about this yesterday. You’re only seeing them on your Gateway machine because they’re only installed on your Gateway machine. For a Client to see the fonts, the Client machine must have also downloaded the font. There is no way currently implemented for Perspective to push out font files as a resource.

If you want a remote (Client) machine to be able to see the same font you see, they must have it installed on their system. There are several “web-safe” fonts which are essentially standardized default installations on most any machine. These web-safe fonts should be visible by all of your clients - anything else would need to be manually downloaded by each Client to be seen.


Too bad.
For Android installing font is so hard.
But I believe embedding fonts in web contact is a method that all site on internet do that.
Hope in future release this problem will be solved.

If you give us a global CSS/Styles option, we could stick an @font-face directive in there with our web fonts. Or an interface, either way.

I was hoping I could bodge it in under styles, but it looks like there’s a sanity check on what values it’ll allow, haha.


Please update me if you can do it.