Gateway Health Notifications

I have recently upgrade my server that hosts my Ignition gateway to have more RAM as we were exceeding our RAM usage. However, I am wondering if anyone has a way to generate an email that would only trigger if the gateway’s RAM usage goes above 80%. Has anyone found a way to do this?

There are several ways to do this, one is to create an expression tag using

{[System]Gateway/Performance/Memory Usage}

Then create an alarm with a threshold of the equivalent to 80% memory usage and then generate the email with an alarm pipeline.

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Under System->Gateway in tags are many of the gateway heatlh indicators. I Think memory usage is what you want -

Then you can create a Gateway Tag Change event on it, check the value, and use to the appropriate parties.

I do this with the production database connection to let me know if Ignition loses contact with the database for some reason.

If you have the alarm module you can also do it as @josborn lays out

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